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Hey you guys!
It's been a while, but there's not much happening around here. Been to Kinsale last saturday, which was really nice and then to Fota which is a wildlife park. Was a lot of fun!
Now, this morning Trish said I should decide if I wanna go to France with them in June or not until sunday, so she could book the flight...Can't describe what I felt. I am not gonna be able to see my American Mom, who's gonna be in Europe in June as well and worst of all (haha) I am gonna miss the "AEG-Abifete". But I decided to stay in Ireland now until the end of June. I will go on vacation with my irish family to France (Cote d'Azur) for 2 weeks in June and come back then. I can't have everything, and although I would've loved to see you all in June, I am sure, the one's who really wanna meet me will do so later on.
When I told Trish this evening, I started crying and she was so understanding...I couldn't have wished for a better family! She said, she is so delighted I decided to join them on their holidays, cause I am so much fun to be with.
Sandra is gonna be happy too when she reads that, cause I am gonna be in Ireland for her birthday then! Yay!
Insa, sry, you are gonna miss the "Abifete", we will do that next year! Haha! Aber so was von! You have to know...Insa and I are gonna share an apartment in Munster (Haha, insider) This is gonna be sooo much fun!
Well, Rugby is on right now and I don't wanna miss it all!
Gonna go to jail tomorrow....
Have a good one!
9.2.07 21:22

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Sandra (9.2.07 23:48)
Omg, I am so delighted!!! :D I hope Insa is gonna stay until my birthday, too, and then all of us can have a HUGE Party! I mean finally I won't be a teenager anymore :D
I hope we will have lots of fun, oh this is gonna be so great!! (and I promise U, as I have never been drunk in my life before, at least then I really want to get drunk once )
Yeaaah, I am so happy now, thank you Katie for deciding to stay longer :D

Katie (10.2.07 10:40)
Hehe, I am sooo glad, I talked to Trish last nite, she made me feel so good about it and I am glad I decided to stay longer!
And you bet, I will make you drunk, haha!

(We should start talking english with each other)

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