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I'm having a blast over here!
On Friday I met Insa and Sandra in Douglas for a coffee. Getting really irish over here... Insa left to pick her kids up from school, so Sandra and I looked for a hairdresser to get a haircut. When I saw the price list I decided to cut it myself So I just got a different haircolor, won't tell u what it looks like though...
Yesterday I met Sabrina and went to see a Rugby match. Was kinda fun actually. Rugby is kinda a mixture between Football and Soccer, hehe. And since I like those...
The guys who were watching were either drunk or old though. Later on Trish and Eddie came over with the kids too, and they were all excited to see me. I just love 'em! When I got home then, Trish asked me if I'd seen any good-looking guys at the match. Haha. She's kinda trying to find me some guy now I guess. Cause I've been telling her stuff...
Today I went to Cobh, that's were Titanic had her last stop. They had a museum there and stuff, was pretty interesting. The weather wasn't too good again though.
I just uploaded some pictures, so if you are interested, just click on that link I sent you earlier...
I am getting kinda sick, sore throat and stuff. Gotta go to bed, gotta work tomorrow...
28.1.07 22:40

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Insa / Website (2.2.07 10:39)
Katie, could you please, please, PLEASE write colour with U???

Katie (2.2.07 12:10)
no way, jose!

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