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I so forgot to tell you what happened last Tuesday. IT SNOWED! OMG! Here, in Ireland! And those snowflakes where huge. It was the first time the twins saw snow, and I was with them, yay! They were all excited so we went outside for a walk. They loved it! Isabelle kept saying: I like that! I like that!
Anyways, I guess people start thinking I'm dying over here cause I am so bored, those people are, by the way, people I don't really know (well, yeah^^). What about my friends? And family? Don't know the last time I talked to a member of my family. Guess there are more important things in the world than me (how could that happen?).
Well, I am still alive, and it's not THAT bad, I mean, I kinda figured out what to do now during the week. Monday I go for a run, Tuesday I got that Badminton course, Wednesday is Aupairmeeting. So those days go by fast. And the rest of the week is all planned as well.
Gonna go to the showhouses today with Isabelle and Matthew if that works out. I'd love to see them.
I just got up, so I have to get dressed and get something to eat, I'm starving.
And the quote of the day, just found that on the internet:
"Die Hummel hat 0,7 cm^2 Fluegelflaeche bei einem Gewicht von 1,2 Gramm. Nach den bekannten Gesetzen der Aerodynamik ist es unmoeglich bei diesem Verhaeltnis zu fliegen. Die Hummel weiss das aber nicht und fliegt einfach!"
25.1.07 12:29

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