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Hi every1 who's still reading...
Had a really bad day yesterday, feel much better today. Cause I figured out what it is that's pissing me off. Today I baked some Thomas ( - cupcakes which was a whole lot of fun. I just don't like doing the same things every day. Usually we start with breakfast, then go in the playroom, go outside, depending on the weather, eat dinner, they go for a sleep, I wake them up and they watch TV. Boooring. I am gonna start some projects now. Not only to entertain them, but me aswell. Any ideas? Can't bake cupcakes every day...
Tomorrow I'll enroll for some course at Douglas Community College, hopefully Badminton.
Just came back, I went running. Feels sooo good. I'm gonna have lost several pounds when I come back to Germany, you're not gonna recognize me, haha. Hopefully...
@Tanja: It's not that...have to tell you about that though. Are you in Hameln right now? You wanna call me some time?
16.1.07 22:06

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Tanja (17.1.07 07:55)
hey katie
no i am not in Hameln right now. i am staying in herford until 26.1. i just went home for the weekend but as i already told ya i am having guests this aunt and my oncle? are visiting me and so i am in herford. oh my god my english is getting even worse!!!
mhh maybe you want to write me and email to tell me whats making you feeling bad....i am sorry i cannnot call ya.
well i have to work write me soon i am waiting for your messages=) lov ya Tanja

Insa / Website (17.1.07 14:49)
Hi KT!
That s what s pissing me off as well! can t wait to meet you to night and enroll fr badminton! see ya! xx insa

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