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Unbelievable what was going on here last night. Never doubted something so much when everyone else was encouraging it. Damnit!(You don't have to understand it...)Woke up like a hundred times last night and couldn't fall back asleep cause I had to think about stuff the whole time. I hate that.
Otherwise it's going great. Matthew just went up to bed and Isabelle is in the playroom by herself, and talking to herself. Haha
I really do feel burned out. This week I worked 9 hours every day so far. Good thing I can sleep in tomorrow. Yay! And I am off Fri-Sun. No babysitting, cause Eddie is in America. No, he's not shopping, he's working At least that's what I was told. Last nite I got a text for Eddie (still have his old phone) saying where they're gonna meet for dinner. Yeah...working...
The aupair meeting is on tonight again. Hopefully there'll be some new people there and I will see Insa again. Yay! Can't wait
Okay, gotta check what Isabelle is doing all by herself I know it's my job to play with them but, hey, why would I be so stupid and FORCE that. Haha!
Love ya all and miss you terribly...
10.1.07 15:08

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Tanja (13.1.07 17:37)
Hey Süße!
yeah i know you're still feeling bad because of this stupid male person=) but you know its getting better after some time. i swear.
mhh. and i know how it is when you've got nothing to was the same as i went to herford. when everybody else has something to do and you have time and more time and more time and you don't know what you should do with your time and so ..... eating is a pretty good alternative!!!! all these tasty things like cookies and choclate(?) yeah i did the same to waste time!!!! but this is getting better too!
Last week i tried to find this dance school!!! I finally found it and then....yeah the lessons are at stupid times either at the weekend when i'm at home or at 21o'clock and last until 23o'clock whats even worse because I have to get up that early. so no dancing for me!!!! Now I'm trying to find an appropriate(?) course at the vhs. but its pretty difficult because I'm not a grandma and no child anymore....I do not have a garden which i want to look more pretty. and so on and so on...
mhh i don't know how the girls are doing...i haven't talked to them since new year. and i got no mails either. so i went shopping today with my mom. we only went to H&M and i spent70€ for clothes....but its ok because i never buy myself clothes in herford. ohh and i found some pretty black shoes!!! maybe i buy them too. =) they are not expensive!! mhhh tomorrow i'm going to the fitness center again. and then I'm driving back to herford....well that's all what happend this week...
next week i'm having guests but i'm telling you then.
so i'm sorry for my bad english but i think you'll understand. It's been a long time using it. so keep your head up Hug'n'kiss love ya

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