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I'll be back in Germany in May to take that test. Don't know yet if I'm gonna stay then or not. Depends on if Trish can find someone else until then. If she can't, I'll come back to Ireland for a few weeks.
Today I realised how much I love the kids, but how bored I sometimes get. Trish was gone with Andrew, so I had the twins. I went out for a walk with them, which was great fun. But then when we got home, Matthew went to bed and Is wanted to watch a DVD and lay down on the couch. And I was sitting there doing nothing. Now I know why I gained so much weight in the last 2 1/2 months, cause I usually start eating when I have nothing to do. But like today I just sat there and had nothing to do. Well, it's kinda my fault I guess, I could read something, but don't have any books here...but still just reading or watching TV is nothing that would satisfy me in the long run. I was so glad when I could wake Matthew...and when Trish came back and I had someone to talk to...I ordered that book to study for the test today, so in a week I'll be able to do something "serious". Can't wait.
Otherwise I am doing just great. Tomorrow 'll stay at Sandra's house over nite, gonna watch a DVD and TALK, hehe. Exciting!
Oh yeah, and I have a webcam now
5.1.07 22:01

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