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Loving life

It's been a while...but no one seems to be missing anything...
I am doing grand (haha). Having a whole lot of fun exploring (Katie, the Explorer ) Ireland. Yesterday I went to Clonakilty with Sabrina, the beach was just stunning. Wow! I have to upload some pictures any time soon.
Yeah, otherwise there is not happening much, just living my life
71 days and I'll be back in Germany for a few days for taking the test. Can't wait to go to France though in June. That is gonna be sooo much fun
Anyways, I'm still alive!
5.3.07 20:24

Happy Birthday... Julie Marie, who was born at 3 am on tuesday! I can't wait to meet you!

Went out last nite, knocked my Guinness glass over (sry @ Sandra and Rebekka), leaned over the table to look at the mess and burned my hair
BUT, I also got a ticket for the Beauty and the Beast Musical tomorrow afternoon. So excited 'bout it!
8.3.07 14:49

The older, the better...

Well, where do I start? First of all. Sabi is gone Left yesterday to go back to Germany and I miss her already. Hard to believe that someone I have only known for about 3 months, means so much to me now. Good thing Insa and Sandra are still here. It's gonna be so hard to say good bye to them in June. Those got really good friends to me and I don't wanna miss them!
Well, before Sabi left, we had to party of course. And when could u do that better than on St Patricks Day! Yay! We absolutly had a blast...well at least me, haha.
Insa and Sabrina came over at like 10 am.At around 12 we went to town, watched the parade, had something to eat and then went to the pub where we stayed until 2 in the morning or something, I don't really remember.
If someone wants to know what I did except drinking, please contact me (Insa, Sandra: Don't u dare! My parents read this, muha)
20.3.07 20:51


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