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It's been a while...

Okay, I'm back in Cork now. Just got here about 2 hours ago.
I had a blast in Germany, thanks to everyone who made me feel good! I miss you already.
Nothing has changed here, except Andrew has a few more teeth and doesn't look like a vampire anymore. And we got a new cooker/grill and a new dishwasher. They just got it today, I'm lucky. They were gone for 3 days and forgot to turn the old one off, so it was beeping for 3 days and finally broke. Haha.
Matthew and Isabelle were really excited to see me and Matthew didn't stop talking. They finally went to bed now.
I have to start working at 12 tomorrow, so I can get some sleep, since I didn't get much of that the last 2 weeks.
I'll let you know what's happening.
Love you all!
@Anni: Da ich jetzt weiss, dass du mitliest : Gaaaaaanz lieben Dank fuer deinen Anruf, tut mir echt voll Leid, dass ich dich abwimmeln musste. Ich hab mich tierisch gefreut und hoffentlich sehen wir uns ganz bald mal wieder, ja?
3.1.07 23:24


I'll be back in Germany in May to take that test. Don't know yet if I'm gonna stay then or not. Depends on if Trish can find someone else until then. If she can't, I'll come back to Ireland for a few weeks.
Today I realised how much I love the kids, but how bored I sometimes get. Trish was gone with Andrew, so I had the twins. I went out for a walk with them, which was great fun. But then when we got home, Matthew went to bed and Is wanted to watch a DVD and lay down on the couch. And I was sitting there doing nothing. Now I know why I gained so much weight in the last 2 1/2 months, cause I usually start eating when I have nothing to do. But like today I just sat there and had nothing to do. Well, it's kinda my fault I guess, I could read something, but don't have any books here...but still just reading or watching TV is nothing that would satisfy me in the long run. I was so glad when I could wake Matthew...and when Trish came back and I had someone to talk to...I ordered that book to study for the test today, so in a week I'll be able to do something "serious". Can't wait.
Otherwise I am doing just great. Tomorrow 'll stay at Sandra's house over nite, gonna watch a DVD and TALK, hehe. Exciting!
Oh yeah, and I have a webcam now
5.1.07 22:01

Unbelievable what was going on here last night. Never doubted something so much when everyone else was encouraging it. Damnit!(You don't have to understand it...)Woke up like a hundred times last night and couldn't fall back asleep cause I had to think about stuff the whole time. I hate that.
Otherwise it's going great. Matthew just went up to bed and Isabelle is in the playroom by herself, and talking to herself. Haha
I really do feel burned out. This week I worked 9 hours every day so far. Good thing I can sleep in tomorrow. Yay! And I am off Fri-Sun. No babysitting, cause Eddie is in America. No, he's not shopping, he's working At least that's what I was told. Last nite I got a text for Eddie (still have his old phone) saying where they're gonna meet for dinner. Yeah...working...
The aupair meeting is on tonight again. Hopefully there'll be some new people there and I will see Insa again. Yay! Can't wait
Okay, gotta check what Isabelle is doing all by herself I know it's my job to play with them but, hey, why would I be so stupid and FORCE that. Haha!
Love ya all and miss you terribly...
10.1.07 15:08

Hi every1 who's still reading...
Had a really bad day yesterday, feel much better today. Cause I figured out what it is that's pissing me off. Today I baked some Thomas ( - cupcakes which was a whole lot of fun. I just don't like doing the same things every day. Usually we start with breakfast, then go in the playroom, go outside, depending on the weather, eat dinner, they go for a sleep, I wake them up and they watch TV. Boooring. I am gonna start some projects now. Not only to entertain them, but me aswell. Any ideas? Can't bake cupcakes every day...
Tomorrow I'll enroll for some course at Douglas Community College, hopefully Badminton.
Just came back, I went running. Feels sooo good. I'm gonna have lost several pounds when I come back to Germany, you're not gonna recognize me, haha. Hopefully...
@Tanja: It's not that...have to tell you about that though. Are you in Hameln right now? You wanna call me some time?
16.1.07 22:06

Sooo bored

I am so bored right's in the middle of the night and I don't want t go to bed, cause I'm babysitting and afraid I won't wake up when one of them starts crying. Matthew's been up like 4 times, so who knows if he's gonna stay asleep or not. And since it is an hour later in Germany the last ones have gone offline as well.
Wednesday nite I enrolled for that Badminton course in Douglas. Hopefully it'll be fun, since it wasn't that cheap and I still have to by a racket, hope I'll find one tomorrow. The course starts on the 30th, and will be on for 10 weeks every tuesday nite.
Eddie just came home, so I can go to bed now. Yay!
Talk to you soon!
20.1.07 00:59

God, I was just playing with Matthew and Isabelle and we were fooling aroung and stuff and then Matthew hit my nose and, hell, I wanted to die. It hurt so bad. Jeez. It's better now, but I can still feel it and I'm getting a headache too...
I might even go to Dublin next weekend. But then I'd have to tell Mirjam I can't meet her to study for the TMS (she's gonna take it too, just found that out last week, kinda funny). And I might have to babysit too, so I don't know yet if I'm going or not. I might though Haha, just talking shit here.
Matthew and Isabelle are so tired this morning I don't know what to do. They keep saying they wanna watch Dora and lay down and have a bottle. Well, well, I better go check on them before they fall asleep on the coach without having a nappie on. OMG!
23.1.07 12:20

I so forgot to tell you what happened last Tuesday. IT SNOWED! OMG! Here, in Ireland! And those snowflakes where huge. It was the first time the twins saw snow, and I was with them, yay! They were all excited so we went outside for a walk. They loved it! Isabelle kept saying: I like that! I like that!
Anyways, I guess people start thinking I'm dying over here cause I am so bored, those people are, by the way, people I don't really know (well, yeah^^). What about my friends? And family? Don't know the last time I talked to a member of my family. Guess there are more important things in the world than me (how could that happen?).
Well, I am still alive, and it's not THAT bad, I mean, I kinda figured out what to do now during the week. Monday I go for a run, Tuesday I got that Badminton course, Wednesday is Aupairmeeting. So those days go by fast. And the rest of the week is all planned as well.
Gonna go to the showhouses today with Isabelle and Matthew if that works out. I'd love to see them.
I just got up, so I have to get dressed and get something to eat, I'm starving.
And the quote of the day, just found that on the internet:
"Die Hummel hat 0,7 cm^2 Fluegelflaeche bei einem Gewicht von 1,2 Gramm. Nach den bekannten Gesetzen der Aerodynamik ist es unmoeglich bei diesem Verhaeltnis zu fliegen. Die Hummel weiss das aber nicht und fliegt einfach!"
25.1.07 12:29

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