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"We're always happy"

Good Lord, finally I got some more time to let you know how I'm doing. Doing great actually. My internet still doesn't work, Eddie promised to fix it tomorrow, but you'll never know. Daddy's are very busy, haha.
I came back from Galway last night. It was jst hilarious, we had so much fun, except Sandra I guess, cause she was still most of the time. Had a bad headache und took loads of pain killers, and though I told her NOT to drink ANY alcohol, Austrian girls think they know it better and tell her that one beer should be okay. Tss. Yeah, she was not the one who had to bring Sandra back to the hostel cause she didn't feel okay.
Anyways, we left Cork on Friday, wanted to take the bus at half one, but it was full, so we had to wait an hour and just got on the next bus. "Ich mag Busfahren" Insa and I had a good time on the bus, I was crying cause I had to laugh so hard. So after five hour we got to Galway, and yeah, couldn't find the hostel, so Carina (she's the Austrian girl) had to ask someone for the way. And Tadaa, it was just around the corner. Really nice hostel. They were really nice and cause they weren't really busy, we just got a better room for less money. Hehe. Six bed dorm, but we were the only ones in their, for the first nite at least. We had dinner and then some Australian guys asked us if we wanted to go out with them. Sure. And there was a Canadian guy with them aswell. Haha. He was the one who asked me about my American accent That was so much fun to hang out with them. I'll show you some pictures later. Saturday we got up early cause we did a day trip to the Burren and the Cliffs of Moher. Took some great pictures there. We like had the funniest bus driver ever. "Yes, Paul" He was making fun of us and stuff. We did a walking tour, and yes, the tour guy was hot, and it was raining all day, except for the hour the tour was, haha. So the bd said:" The Germans are crazy, you try to hide it, but your not very successful." Haha. And Sandra was sitting up in front with him, cause she didn't feel well (now, Insa, this is NOT American!), and Paul was just making fun of her the whole time. Jes'. That night when we came back to our room, there were some Italian guys in there. The one didn't speak English at all, and the other one real bad But we were still able to communicate, and so they bought some beer for us and we asked them to go out with us. That was a really fun nite. On our way back from the Pub to the hostel, we lsang with some "Strassenmusiker". There were a few people there actually. And some old guy said to Insa:" Make an old man happy. Take my hand." Yeah, that's how you satisfy old men. Hoho. Sunday we had to check out by 10:30. When I woke up I was wondering what time it was and just looked at my mobile (irish accent again! Not good, not good...). 9:30. Yeah, we had like one bathroom and were 6 people in there so, yeah. I was the only one who took a shower. Haha. And that day was the worst I've experienced since I've been here (and that's 8 weeks now, wow!). It was lashing rain and the wind was the worst ever. I was blown away (picture will follow ) So we just went through town for a while and then took the bus home at about 3 I guess. And with like 10 hours of sleep at the weekend I started working again today at 10 til 6. Trish is sick. Like really bad, she looks like she's dying. So it was double work today. Yawn.
Watching the NFL right now, that's great that this is on here. Love it.
And then I'll go to bed soon, cause I'm just soooo tired.
I'll be home in 2 weeks, getting excited?

@Insa: Those quotes are JUST for you
4.12.06 21:02

Not much going on here, but I'm just bored right now.
Tuesday I just felt like s h i t, so Trish said I could go to bed early, like at half 4, so I did. haha. And slept until 9 the next morning, didn't feel better though, so Trish gave me the day off, cause she was sick herself and Eddie had taken the day off too. So I just stayed in bed all day long, and I do feel better today! Yeah!
But now I don't have much to do, from 3-6 this afternoon and tomorrow I'm off again. Saturday 5-8 and babysitting, sunday off again. Haha. What kinda life is this? But then Monday Trish starts working, so that's gonna be a lot of work, all three of them all day long. But then it's only gonna be one week until I come to Germany, yay! I can't believe how fast the time goes by, Monday I said to Trish that I've been here for 8 weeks now, and she goes, are you serious, can't believe it, doesn't even feel like that long.
Yesterday was Nikolaus and I just have to tell you what a great Mum I have. I got a surprise parcel with loads of yummy stuff in there. And guess what I ate yesterday lying in bed....Thanks Mommy!
7.12.06 11:31

I'm off for the rest off the week, except saturday I have to babysit, so I got loads of time to do whatever I want Gonna stay home today, to town tomorrow, to a German Christmas Market in Skibbereen on saturday. And I don't know about sunday yet, since it is my last day here before I go on vacation to Germany, yay!
Didn't do much the last days. Trish started working on Monday, so I had all 3 of them by myself. Bunch of work, I tell ya.
And I started running back in shape for Germany, haha. My legs are just so sore that I don't even wanna move. The worst is to go up- or downstairs, that just kills me.
Can't wait to see you all!
14.12.06 12:15


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