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Hab auf ner andere Seiten diesen lustige Steckbrief hier gefunden und den einfach auch mal ausgefuellt, da erfaehrt man schon ne ganze Menge ueber mich

Name: Katharina
Nickname: Katie, Katha
Country: Germany
Date of birth: 21.08.87
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 168 cm
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: dunno...weird
Shoe Size: 39
School: None
Job: Aupair
Do you smoke? - No
Siblings: Yes, 2 bro's and a sister
Relationship: Nope, not really
Piercing: Just earrings
Tattoo: No
Fave place to go on holidays: Prob Wisconsin, but I like yo visit new places too
Who would you like to meet? - Like some celebrity? No one, I'd be disappointed
Fave car: VW Beatle Cabriolet
Fave movie: Lord of the Rings
Fave music: Right now I listen to the "Happy Feet"-Soundtrack a lot
Fave perfumes: CK One
Fave TV-Show: don't really have one right now
Fave author: Dunno, there're a lot I like
Fave day of the week: Usually Saturday
What's on your mousepad? - Nothing, don't have one
Desktop Background: don't have one
What's under your bed: Nothing except an empty box
Fave colour: Light green
Fave food: I guess right no it's the yummy cheese broccoli stuff with rice my hostmum makes
Fave class at school: Chemistry, Math, Sports
Fave drink: Sex on the beach
Lucky Number: 5
What do you like about yourself? - Could tell you what I don't like
What deodorant do you use? - Dove
At what time do you go to bed during the week? - I guess at about midnight
What word do you use most? - "Like"
What is the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you? - I am not gonna tell you, I don't think anyone knows about that except the person who was with me
What is the most embarrassing thing you ever did? - I don't remember
Outdoors or indoors? - Depends on what I am doing
Phone or chat? - Depends on the person I am talking to
Mountains or sea? Both -> Corsica
McDonalds or Burger King? - Def McDonalds
Is your glass half full or half empty? - Half full
Car or bike? - Bike
Writing or reading? - Reading
Sunrise or sunset? - Sunrise
What do you have for breakfast? - Joghurt
What don't you like eating? - Any kind of meat
Do you have pets? - No
Laughing or dreaming? - How stupid is that question? Def both!
Serious or joking? - Er...I'm more joking than being serious I guess
Fast or slow? - Concerning what?
Single or dating? - Rather single than being in a relationship and being pissed of it anyways
Simple or difficult? - What? Am I? Or what do I like better?
Cremate or bury? - Whatever, not gonna know it anyways
Stay up late or go to bed early? - Depends
Light or dark? - Depends
Speaking or listening? - Both
Tall men or small men? - er...don't really care, not too tall, not too small
Newspaper or weekly paper? - weekly
Hug or kiss? - Depends
Happy or sad? - Happy
Life or death? - Life
Party at a friends house or going to a club? - First at a friends house and then going out
Left or right? - Left
Do you believe in love at first sight? - Never did until a few months ago
Do you want kids? How many? - Haha, yes I do, never gonna find a guy if I tell you how many though
Do you often argue with your parents? - Not right now, cause I don't talk to them a lot
Best feeling in the world? - Flying
Worst feeling? - Saying good-bye
Which song do you listen to in a bad mood? - Robbie Williams - Angels, Juli - Geile Zeit, Mathou - You never walk alone...
What are you scared of? - Nothing really.
Are you emotional? - Yes!
When was the last time you cried? - January 1st
Do you cry watching movies? - Yes
What is yout dreamjob? - Being a pediatrician
Ever taken dancing lessons? - Yes, and loved it.
1989 - a special year? - Isn't every year a special one?
What are your new years resolutions? - No alcohol until I'm back in Germany^^
How much time do you spend online? - A lot.
What about the end of the world? - What about it?
Ever been punished for a crime? - No
How can someone annoy you? - Don't know, I guess it depends on the person
Fave quote: "Lachen hat keinen Akzent"
How often did you fail your driving test? - Once, in America
What was the first thing that came to your mid when you woke up this morning? - "Yay, 2 more hours until I have to get up!"
What is the first thing you can remember in life? - I guess I was about 4, I was having breakfast and didn't want to go to kindergarden. It was after 10 in the morning and my Mom was mad at me for being too late because we only could go there until 10. I felt bad then...
Last person you called? - My Mom
Last person you spoke to on skype? - Svenni, I think.
Last but not least, describe yourself in 5 words: Gosh, that's hard...humorous, open-minded, friendly, optimistic and FUN!

Alter: 31
aus: Hameln

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