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The older, the better...

Well, where do I start? First of all. Sabi is gone Left yesterday to go back to Germany and I miss her already. Hard to believe that someone I have only known for about 3 months, means so much to me now. Good thing Insa and Sandra are still here. It's gonna be so hard to say good bye to them in June. Those got really good friends to me and I don't wanna miss them!
Well, before Sabi left, we had to party of course. And when could u do that better than on St Patricks Day! Yay! We absolutly had a blast...well at least me, haha.
Insa and Sabrina came over at like 10 am.At around 12 we went to town, watched the parade, had something to eat and then went to the pub where we stayed until 2 in the morning or something, I don't really remember.
If someone wants to know what I did except drinking, please contact me (Insa, Sandra: Don't u dare! My parents read this, muha)
20.3.07 20:51

Happy Birthday... Julie Marie, who was born at 3 am on tuesday! I can't wait to meet you!

Went out last nite, knocked my Guinness glass over (sry @ Sandra and Rebekka), leaned over the table to look at the mess and burned my hair
BUT, I also got a ticket for the Beauty and the Beast Musical tomorrow afternoon. So excited 'bout it!
8.3.07 14:49

Loving life

It's been a while...but no one seems to be missing anything...
I am doing grand (haha). Having a whole lot of fun exploring (Katie, the Explorer ) Ireland. Yesterday I went to Clonakilty with Sabrina, the beach was just stunning. Wow! I have to upload some pictures any time soon.
Yeah, otherwise there is not happening much, just living my life
71 days and I'll be back in Germany for a few days for taking the test. Can't wait to go to France though in June. That is gonna be sooo much fun
Anyways, I'm still alive!
5.3.07 20:24

Mood: Tired, sad, happy, delighted, excited...

Hey you guys!
It's been a while, but there's not much happening around here. Been to Kinsale last saturday, which was really nice and then to Fota which is a wildlife park. Was a lot of fun!
Now, this morning Trish said I should decide if I wanna go to France with them in June or not until sunday, so she could book the flight...Can't describe what I felt. I am not gonna be able to see my American Mom, who's gonna be in Europe in June as well and worst of all (haha) I am gonna miss the "AEG-Abifete". But I decided to stay in Ireland now until the end of June. I will go on vacation with my irish family to France (Cote d'Azur) for 2 weeks in June and come back then. I can't have everything, and although I would've loved to see you all in June, I am sure, the one's who really wanna meet me will do so later on.
When I told Trish this evening, I started crying and she was so understanding...I couldn't have wished for a better family! She said, she is so delighted I decided to join them on their holidays, cause I am so much fun to be with.
Sandra is gonna be happy too when she reads that, cause I am gonna be in Ireland for her birthday then! Yay!
Insa, sry, you are gonna miss the "Abifete", we will do that next year! Haha! Aber so was von! You have to know...Insa and I are gonna share an apartment in Munster (Haha, insider) This is gonna be sooo much fun!
Well, Rugby is on right now and I don't wanna miss it all!
Gonna go to jail tomorrow....
Have a good one!
9.2.07 21:22

I'm having a blast over here!
On Friday I met Insa and Sandra in Douglas for a coffee. Getting really irish over here... Insa left to pick her kids up from school, so Sandra and I looked for a hairdresser to get a haircut. When I saw the price list I decided to cut it myself So I just got a different haircolor, won't tell u what it looks like though...
Yesterday I met Sabrina and went to see a Rugby match. Was kinda fun actually. Rugby is kinda a mixture between Football and Soccer, hehe. And since I like those...
The guys who were watching were either drunk or old though. Later on Trish and Eddie came over with the kids too, and they were all excited to see me. I just love 'em! When I got home then, Trish asked me if I'd seen any good-looking guys at the match. Haha. She's kinda trying to find me some guy now I guess. Cause I've been telling her stuff...
Today I went to Cobh, that's were Titanic had her last stop. They had a museum there and stuff, was pretty interesting. The weather wasn't too good again though.
I just uploaded some pictures, so if you are interested, just click on that link I sent you earlier...
I am getting kinda sick, sore throat and stuff. Gotta go to bed, gotta work tomorrow...
28.1.07 22:40

I so forgot to tell you what happened last Tuesday. IT SNOWED! OMG! Here, in Ireland! And those snowflakes where huge. It was the first time the twins saw snow, and I was with them, yay! They were all excited so we went outside for a walk. They loved it! Isabelle kept saying: I like that! I like that!
Anyways, I guess people start thinking I'm dying over here cause I am so bored, those people are, by the way, people I don't really know (well, yeah^^). What about my friends? And family? Don't know the last time I talked to a member of my family. Guess there are more important things in the world than me (how could that happen?).
Well, I am still alive, and it's not THAT bad, I mean, I kinda figured out what to do now during the week. Monday I go for a run, Tuesday I got that Badminton course, Wednesday is Aupairmeeting. So those days go by fast. And the rest of the week is all planned as well.
Gonna go to the showhouses today with Isabelle and Matthew if that works out. I'd love to see them.
I just got up, so I have to get dressed and get something to eat, I'm starving.
And the quote of the day, just found that on the internet:
"Die Hummel hat 0,7 cm^2 Fluegelflaeche bei einem Gewicht von 1,2 Gramm. Nach den bekannten Gesetzen der Aerodynamik ist es unmoeglich bei diesem Verhaeltnis zu fliegen. Die Hummel weiss das aber nicht und fliegt einfach!"
25.1.07 12:29

God, I was just playing with Matthew and Isabelle and we were fooling aroung and stuff and then Matthew hit my nose and, hell, I wanted to die. It hurt so bad. Jeez. It's better now, but I can still feel it and I'm getting a headache too...
I might even go to Dublin next weekend. But then I'd have to tell Mirjam I can't meet her to study for the TMS (she's gonna take it too, just found that out last week, kinda funny). And I might have to babysit too, so I don't know yet if I'm going or not. I might though Haha, just talking shit here.
Matthew and Isabelle are so tired this morning I don't know what to do. They keep saying they wanna watch Dora and lay down and have a bottle. Well, well, I better go check on them before they fall asleep on the coach without having a nappie on. OMG!
23.1.07 12:20

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